being injured blows.

you know that song “how can i miss you if you won’t go away”? or how about that old aphorism “absence makes the heart grow fonder?”

Either way, I miss running, and I love running. And I can’t run for 6 weeks. That’s right, friends, I have the dreaded scourge of runners everywhere. . . a stress fracture. Of the second metatarsal, to be exact. (Warning: There will be some photos of my poor foot after the jump).


It’s not pretty, is it?

IMG_1810 IMG_1797

It’s Ok. I don’t like it either. . .  So here’s the thing.


I knew that running is important to me, that it makes me feel good, and that it helps my body be strong and fit. i knew that it relieves stress and calms me down and revs me up and clears my head. But I didn’t realize how much I relied on it until BOOM, it wasn’t there.

I’m here to tell you, friends, that those runs that feel crappy? They’re amazing. Those runs that feel amazing? They’re amazing. Bodies love to be in motion. So get out there and run a few miles for me, will ya? You can thank me later.

So yes, I’m sidelined. No racing in downtown tucson tonight. I couldn’t even handle yogahour quite yet. That’s a lot of hours in my week to fill.

IMG_1812So far, the rotation includes lap swimming, pool running, cycling, ab work, seated leg machines, and knee pushups. it’s not the same, but i’m hoping it will get me through. Maybe I can work on a particular weakness I have and emerge stronger. Maybe I can find a new love. Maybe I will decide to become a triathlete. What would you do to replace a running-shaped hole in your life?

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