Badass Female Project: More Dystopia

Reader, I’ve been remiss. When I started the Badass Female Project, I wrote about trying not to read so many things written by white men. I did a pretty good job finding badass female protagonists written by female creators. But I failed to dig in to some of the most compelling examples out there— work... Continue Reading →

Badass Female Project: Dystopia Edition (Part 3)

SPOILER ALERT: The Testaments I wrote about “June”/Offred before. Now, in The Testaments, set 15-ish years after the main narrative of The Handmaid’s Tale, we have a trio of female narrators (and I could write about any of them, TBH). But the one I want to talk about is Daisy (or Jade, or Nicole). Daisy is living... Continue Reading →

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