Research Review: Surprise, a plant-based, low-fat diet has health benefits!

Note I didn't say "is the healthiest for everyone" or "is the best wait to achieve any and all goals". As I enjoy doing from time to time (#nerd), I'll walk you through the study and weigh in on the findings. This study (in JAMA, no less) has demonstrated some of the short-term metabolic effects... Continue Reading →

The federal coronavirus response: Is anyone at the wheel?

Health and politics have always overlapped. . . but this is different. The alaphabet soup of government agencies showing up in the news has created plenty of confusion and distraction around what, exactly, the federal government is and is not doing about the pandemic. Below is a basic breakdown of the federal bodies that have... Continue Reading →

The golden rule is wrong. Fight me.

As a healthcare provider and educator, equity is a top priority for me. I try to consider the differential impact of every decision I make on different people with different needs. I know I don’t always do this perfectly and I am always learning. It helps to observe others a lot and develop some basic... Continue Reading →

Where is your soul?

Stay home, except to get medical care or essentials, and stay six feet away from other people. That was the advice, gentle at first, then more forceful, and finally, backed with a threat of fine or maybe arrest— it wasn’t clear. The change in the city was dramatic. The freeways flowed free. The commercial streets... Continue Reading →

Diagnosis vs. Understanding

I’ve been a long-time fan of the Diagnosis column in the New York Times Magazine, written by Dr. Lisa Sanders. (Yep, I get the Sunday Times delivered. I also take my rescue dog to the dog park, shop at the famers’ market, drink kombucha, and wear athleisure. Bite me). Dr. Sanders writes about medical puzzles— cases... Continue Reading →

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