Badass Female Project: Dystopia Edition (Part 3)

SPOILER ALERT: The Testaments I wrote about “June”/Offred before. Now, in The Testaments, set 15-ish years after the main narrative of The Handmaid’s Tale, we have a trio of female narrators (and I could write about any of them, TBH). But the one I want to talk about is Daisy (or Jade, or Nicole). Daisy is living... Continue Reading →

Reading as a Way of Life

Do you read? You’re reading right now, but is reading a major part of your life? Do you do it deliberately, often, widely, and with intention? I do. Reading is woven into moments of my life— I remember what I read on my belated honeymoon with Max (Jhumpa Lahiri's Unaccustomed Earth). I remember what I read... Continue Reading →

Book Club: An American Sickness

The U.S. healthcare system is a hot mess. Even people who know things are convoluted and expensive might not realize the extent: we pay far more for just about all aspects of healthcare here than anywhere else, and our outcomes are worse pretty much across the board (see this article from the Commonwealth Fund for... Continue Reading →

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