more ways to eat veggies. . .

just as a reminder, the sassy, evidence-based health content you know and love is now at! I've historically given some great tips about eating veggies over here, so here's another one to get you thinking: 7 easy ways to eat more veggies. have a great weekend, and don't forget to eat your veggies!

Aligning interests for maximum happiness, influence, and general winning at life

I'm notorious for chasing shiny objects. Mention a new idea and I'm listening. I'm getting another degree. I'm trying a new system. I'm into a new band. I'm running after that squirrel (ok, that one's my dog, but still). This is fun, and it makes for a lot of random knowledge, but it also means... Continue Reading →

In with the new.

... do you hear that? crickets. i hear it too. has there really been nothing to say for the past few months? has it been smooth sailing, no news, no musings on health care, life, badassery, feminism, or running? au contraire. the majority of musing now happens over at the flower power blog. and this,... Continue Reading →

Life lessons from the training plan

Back in the fall, I started working with a running coach. In a raceless, travel-restricted year complicated by various minor injuries and a whole lot of stress, it's been such a win to have this support! It's like having a running encyclopedia, cheerleader, and planner all in one awesome human. Learning her philosophy and training... Continue Reading →

Full sun, water when dry

After ten years living in the Southern Arizona desert and two in the mild urban Pacific Northwest, I had forgotten about snow. Well, not forgotten exactly. There had been flurries here and there, and a few times,  fat, wet flakes that sank into the damp ground as they fell. It was mostly for decoration, it... Continue Reading →

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