solstice vibes: stay safe out there, runners & bikers!

It’s almost the darkest day of the year— and it’s the start of the return of the light. Don’t worry, I’m not going to go all witchy on you (I’ll save that for my own time). Instead, I wanted to share some ways to keep active outdoors in relative safety and comfort when the light... Continue Reading →

Active Commuting Update: Summer Struggles

The sweat is real. Even when the morning temps are in the 60s, I get a little sweaty biking in to work. I tend to ride in wearing what I'm going to wear for work, though, unless it's really gross or I have a big meeting. So headbands, dry shampoo, wicking socks, and sometimes a clean... Continue Reading →

Active Commuting Update!

I now have two jobs in two different parts of the city. It’s also May, which is a different animal from February. And I’ve been at it a few months, increasing both my comfort and my fitness. Time for a check-in and an update! A little background: I moved from Tucson to Portland in January.... Continue Reading →

Active Commuting Adventures

Since my recent relocation to Portland, my commute has changed. A lot. Instead of a mile to campus for teaching, or driving to different neighborhoods in Tucson for the mobile clinic, now I’m heading from NE Portland to Marquam hill most days. It’s no fun to drive, and parking is a non-starter. And I hate... Continue Reading →

being injured blows.

you know that song "how can i miss you if you won't go away"? or how about that old aphorism "absence makes the heart grow fonder?" Either way, I miss running, and I love running. And I can't run for 6 weeks. That's right, friends, I have the dreaded scourge of runners everywhere. . .... Continue Reading →

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